The website you are attempting to visit has been shut down by a court order due to its sale and distribution counterfeit products.

Goyard does not engage in e-commerce in any way. All online destinations claiming to be official Goyard outlets are illegal, and all products purchased on such sites are counterfeited goods.

Goyard warns you against so-called "certified" Goyard products for sale on merchant sites, including the most reputed ones: over 90% of these supposedly authentic products are fake.

In addition to their personal legal responsibility resulting from the purchase of counterfeited Goyard products on unauthorized online merchant sites, buyers are also exposed to a significant
risk of falling prey to credit card fraud.

Goyard works in close liaison with Customs administrations worldwide. Counterfeited goods seized by Customs will be immediately destroyed, and buyers will be subject to substantial fines.

Counterfeiting is more than just a breach of intellectual property rights: it is highly detrimental to creativity, causes job losses and has a serious negative impact on global economy.

Counterfeiting is closely associated to organized crime.

Goyard products are exclusively available at Goyard boutiques worldwide. Use our online store locator to find the Goyard boutique closest to you.

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